My talk with Canvas Rebel Magazine

Who got interviewed for a Nationwide Magazine! I DID I DID!
Can ya tell Im excited!!!! 🙂 it was so hard to keep it a secret from ya'll! 😎
Canvas rebel caught up with me to get my story on how The Enchanted Canvas all came about and ask me some burning questions! Im a pretty private person so this is your chance to delve deep LOL!
Of course they wanted some candid shots of what I do and the parties! I personally want to thank EVERYONE, literally EVERYONE of you that are fans of the page, have come to class, hit the like button, shared my posts...whatever! If your a fan THANK YOU!!!!
Special Thanks to my friends at Calftown Coffehouse (just saw them today!!!), Angie Havens, Roni Quinn and the gals/guys over at The Venue Quincy, Frericks Garden, and MANY MANY MANY MANY more of you in the photos and memories I have of all the amazing events and fun times we have had. Im sorry I couldnt publish like every photo of all you I have! But then it'd take up the whole magazine.😜
I AM HUMBLED AND HONOREED to have started this small business over 9 years ago when I moved back to Quincy and the support and love from my community has been heartfelt. 😍
Every woman has her rock, just as I have mine...Robert.. Not often seen 😝but always there supporting me 1000% in whatever crazy adventure im dragging us into!. There are no words, just gratitude. ❤
If you would like me to chat with you drop me a line! :)

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